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A Chat With Gen-Z

A Chat With Gen-Z is TUGZ's new video interview series where you— along with our hosts Zoe, Violeta, and Tara— can talk with many unique creatives and changemakers across the globe! From musicians to activists, we'll be sitting down with our favorite Gen-Z creators to discuss the entertainment and music industries, fashion and media, social issues of all sorts, and more! New episodes will be posted each month here and on our Youtube Channel! Follow our Instagram to stay up to date on whom we're chatting with next and be the first to know when we're looking for new people to chat with!

Episode 03: Megan Kwok

 interviewed by Tara Saraf

Episode 02: Noelia Peña

 interviewed by Tara Saraf

Episode 01: Alyssa Gengos

 interviewed by Violeta Salazar

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