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the beginning

TUGZ was founded in fall of 2021 by editor-in-chief, zoe scott. with some previous field knowledge and slightly too high of expectations, she set off to create a magazine made specifically for gen-z by gen-z. want to join our team of young creatives? click here.

our goal

we strive to provide a place for young creatives and individuals to come and be inspired by content that they’ll enjoy. we see it as our duty to provide a place for all young people under represented in mainstream entertainment to share their unique experiences and views with the world. currently, TUGZ is 100% virtual (though we plan to release print issues in the future) and run by a team of majority black + brown women who have felt the effects of being discluded within the media.


get in touch
Contact Us


contact us with questions, suggestions, or any other comments you may have! We do our best to respond quickly but please allow up to a week to hear back from us. after a week with no response, feel free to send us another message! you can also contact us via Instagram or Facebook messaging.

for specific business related inquires, please use the email address below.

Zoe Scott, Editor-in-Chief:

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