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Bridgerton - The New from The Old

Bridgerton ranked #2 on Netflix’s Top 10 and is based on the popular books by author Julia Quinn. This show takes place in 1813 and revolves around the main family – The Bridgertons – through the “season” (a time when a child is introduced to high society to find a suitable match) as they try to find their eldest daughter, Daphne, a match. Season 2 incorporates South Asian fashion as well, such as elegant jewelry and Indo-Western fusion looks. As Netflix has now announced that Bridgerton has been renewed for two more seasons, let’s take a recap at some of our favorite looks from the show!

Daphne Bridgerton is usually seen wearing pastels throughout the season. It can be inferred that the Bridgertons’ family color is lavender, as this color is prominent throughout the home and most of the family’s looks as well. I love this look as lavender is my favorite color, and it suits the Bridgerton family well.

This second look was also a high-time favorite for me and this couple. I love how “Cinderella-” inspired it is and how the context of the scene creates in-depth chemistry between the two. The sheer gloves finish off the look with a certain elegance I thoroughly enjoy.

The main character of season 2 is Kate Sharma. I love her and adore the looks she has styled throughout this season, particularly the look on the left. This is my favorite because of how it has incorporated South Asian fashion to fit the elegant style of Bridgerton. The fiery orange is so eye-catching, especially in this scene as she is about to dance with Anthony. The included jewelry uses Indian themes as a fusion-style look.

The costume designer for Bridgerton, Sophina Canale, quotes in an interview, “I was inspired by Indian fashion and the jewelry. Therefore, the accessories for both the Sharma daughters and their mother, Mary, stem from Indian designs such as intricate beadwork and the use of rose gold as a base of their jewelry.” Canale loved having the opportunity to merge different styles of fashion from contemporary, regency, and South Asian cultures to create unique looks for the Sharma family this season.

As seen in this image, the Sharma family adorns flower hair accessories, pastel colors, and embroidery that suits the theme for many styles of fashion. Canale also exclaims how she wanted to incorporate these small details so viewers could also use them in their daily wear.

Overall, both seasons displayed beautiful and intricate looks that I loved seeing. The season 2 looks were my personal favorites because as a brown girl myself, it was refreshing to see this form of representation where I wasn’t made into “the joke” as are many forms of South Asian representation in Hollywood. From wearing small jhumkas (a type of Indian earrings) to Edwina being named the diamond of the season. There is really no room for criticism when it comes to the costume production of Bridgerton.

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