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Hidden Feelings and Emotions

"Simran Kaur is a surrealist still life, creative portrait and fashion photographer and artist currently based in London. Simran was born and raised in Italy, but her heritage is Punjabi."

Simran has submitted her new collage series Hidden Feelings and Emotions for us to share! See it here:

Title: I hate my legs

Title: I don't feel seen

Simran's collages express people and her deep emotions and feelings we might not want to talk about. Simran believes that using her collages to showcase those hidden emotions and feelings is a great way to communicate with other people. "Sometimes visuals can be more impactful than a voice," Simran says.

Title: Suffocation

Title: Missing Pieces

Title: Broken Vase

"My collages talk about those feelings and emotions we don't want to talk about and we also avoid any questions related to it. This project is ongoing and I think I will stop any time soon as I enjoy showcasing our hidden emotions, feelings, and even thoughts," Simran told TUGZ.


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