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Interview: Kalani Dunn

Who is Kalani?

Kalani Dunn is the founder of the former Fourall Magazine and creator of masks4all, a short term fundraiser where she was able to sell sustainable cotton masks and donate 100% of the profits towards the Black Lives Matter movement.

What was the goal of masks4all?

The goal was to use my own unique skill set (including web design, social media, marketing, etc.) to fight for a cause that matters to me.

What inspired you to start masks4all?

After seeing days of back-to-back protests, I knew I had to figure out a way to do my part while staying safe from COVID-19. While I wasn't able to join everyone protesting in the streets, I was able to find a way to bring fiscal support instead.

What was it like managing masks4all?

Managing m4a was really fun! every time a mask order came in, I was so excited to package it and ship it out to them. I was also able to share important information on the movement and on Black history using social media.

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