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Mass Shootings Occurring within the United States

The United States is devastated by a number of mass shootings each year. However, recently the frequency of these shootings has gone up, with 250 occurring in the past six months. These shootings have caused much loss within the nation. By the end of May, 256 recorded deaths and 996 injuries have been the result of just the mass shootings occurring in 2022. Many individuals have been impacted in different ways, and the general public have amplified their voice to speak against this violence and urge the government to respond.

Parents have reported that they feel unsafe sending their children to school, in lieu of the school shootings taking place. Consumers don’t feel comfortable stepping out of their homes to go down to the grocery store because of the mass shootings occurring in community spaces. The amount of citizens carrying guns within the United States has caused an environment of fear. This is because more guns in civilian populations means more opportunities for shootings to take place. Research done by UC Davis shows that there is a link between rising gun ownership and increase in mass shootings. It also states that about 40% of individuals committing gun homicides are not prohibited from purchasing firearms which points to the issue of the vetting process when determining gun ownership.

The general public has responded to the recent increase in gun violence in a number of ways. Many victims and families of victims have spoken out about the horrors they’ve faced to bring awareness to the issues within the gun ownership system. Protests have been sparking all throughout the country, and numerous individuals have advocated for solutions to this violence. The citizens of the United States bring many different options to lessen gun violence. An example is arming teachers in schools so they can protect their students. Others are fighting for stricter gun control laws. Some other individuals are pushing for working on responses to the problem like better lockdown procedures. However, it depends on what one’s point of view is on the rights the Constitution gives United States residents, as well as how the problem should be approached. Should we attempt to prevent shootings from occurring altogether? Or is it more realistic and “American” to build resources to address the problem when it comes up?

The United States government is the true deciding body within this topic, because they are the only group that can enforce legislation that addresses the problem of the recent mass shootings. The last statement from the Biden Administration was issued on May 24th, 2022. President Biden states that the United States needs to have stricter gun laws and make dangerous weapons unavailable to the general public in this statement. He also speaks for implementing common sense gun laws, which will put stricter regulations on gun trafficking and who specifically can own a gun. Potential laws are going in and out of senate floors for voting, but because of the rivaling points of view on how this issue should be addressed, not much recent progress has been made. There is one thing clear though. The mass shootings within the United States need to be addressed, and that starts with looking at the causes.

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