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Spring 2022: Biggest Trends of the Season

With the constantly rotating world of microtrends, it's nearly impossible to know what will be “in style” for any given season. But, there is a way we can predict the trends and styles we might see this spring; let’s take a look at what popular influencers have been wearing recently and I’ll give you my thoughts on whether or not they're worth jumping on!

Low-Rise Bottoms

The trend most early 2000s teens have dreaded the return of most: low rise bottoms. This trend has finally come full circle— whether it be jeans, cargo pants, or even shorts— many people have joined the low-rise bandwagon. Brands from high-end retailers such as Michael Kors to more affordable brands such as Brandy Melville have been promoting the style. In my opinion, they’re cute, but not universal.

Corset Tops

For the past few months, these super feminine tops have been seen everywhere and become an all-time favorite for many. For formal or casual wear, these corset tops are known to make a bold statement. Personally, I love these so much! Some prints, especially floral, make me feel like a garden fairy. But, you can’t go wrong with a plain black corset top too. I usually style mine with gold hoops, trousers, and a nice casual blazer!

Green - All shades of it!

The color green has been making its way into trends for seasons now! From trousers to blouses, and even shoes, many popular influencers have been incorporating this as a splash of color into their daily looks. Just like most people, I can’t get enough! The color and its variety of popular shades don’t seem to be fading any time soon.

Funky Patterns

These psychedelic 70s patterns and prints are making a comeback! From marble print dresses to vibrant pants, these patterns are great for adding a splash of fun to your wardrobe. They are best styled with a plain top and some cute platforms. This is such a unique and fun style to experiment with.

Patterned Sets

The two-piece set is currently one of the hottest trends. It is timeless and sophisticated and has been circulating through popular fashion styles for years. Their biggest selling point is their versatility. From blazer-skirt sets to blouse-short sets, you can really have it all! These unique patterns are perfect for any occasion or look you are going for. While this particular look may not be suitable for daily use, I think they are very elegant yet still full of personality.

With the weather warming up, I know I can’t wait to incorporate some of these trends and styles into my wardrobe! Just remember: fashion is always evolving to fit new niches and even purposes— wear whatever you want!

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