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What we accept:


  • short stories​

  • personal essays

  • OP-eds

  • informational articles

  • poetry

  • literary/film analysis

  • music/film reviews

  • interviews

  • any other form of prose

photo, film, music, art, etc.

  • photo series​

  • photo essays

  • short films

  • short speeches or performances

  • film + digital photography

  • other short videos

  • music features​​

  • art/sculptures of any medium

  • other

NOTE: By submitting your work, you give TUGZ Magazine the right to use, post, or publish both online and in issues without further approval though all creators will be notified via email if their work is used. appropriate credit will be given always.


please remember, not all works are useable at the time of submission but may be used later on​​.

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